Apple Store App

Since its launch in 2014, our team has been heavily involved in the redesign and
maintenance of the Apple Store App, from content creation to implementation,
the app’s evolution has been an ongoing project during my tenure at Apple.


In 2015, we redesigned the Apple Store App to be a more discoverable,
personalized shopping experience for Apple owners.


Early Structural Explorations

We reconsidered the systematic framework of the app, attempting to minimize excess pages and
actions required by users, surfacing content upfront with minimal clicks.


Early Account Explorations

We explored new layouts for user accounts that made the experience more robust,
creating an all-in-one location for users to manage their Apple experience.


The Account section was redesigned with more relevant content,
surfacing information about users’ products, and simplifying
how customer favorites and reservations were managed.


System Design

We Introduced a new font and card system, aligning with Human Interface standards and Apple’s global voice.


Following the Apple Store App redesign, Apple’s typography evolved,
creating an opportunity to unite the app with our larger type system and iOS11.


5.0 Release

iOS 11 and Human Interface Team Alignment


5.0 Release


Role:  Art Direction & Design

Client & Company:  Apple

Year:  2014-2018

I joined the interactive retail team at Apple in 2014 and in that time have worked on an array of projects spanning,
the Apple Online Store, the merge of both into one URL, in-store digital merchandizing, photography,
the Apple Store App, and countless product launches and updates. This is a small sampling of the work that I’ve touched,
as part of a larger team, and some of the work that I’m most proud to have contributed.