Start Something New

In 2015, Apple experimented with creating its first New Years campaign. Start Something New was an idea
to inspire users to begin the new year with creativity and follow their passions. We commissioned 14 international
artists, illustrators, and film-makers to produce original work to be exhibited in the world's largest
art gallery – Apple Retail stores (globally) and


Our campaign ran for two holiday seasons, was the precursor to the Shot on iPhone campaign,
as well as the first single message, global marketing moment Apple ever created.
Later, the idea was applied to the first Chinese New Year marketing campaign.



I worked on a collaborative, cross-functional team, with the goal of creating
a unified seasonal campaign across all Apple touch points. Homepage

05-StartSomethingNew-Apple-HP.JPG Online Gallery


Apple Online Store


We used simple, elegant animations to integrate galleries of work
created by select artists into one digital location.


Apple Retail Store Galleries


Artist Workshops in Apple Retail Stores


Direct Marketing Email Campaign


Role:  Art Direction, Design, Concept, Research

Client & Company:  Apple

Year:  2015

I joined the interactive retail team at Apple in 2014 and in that time have worked on an array of projects spanning
the Apple Online Store, the merge of both into one URL, in-store digital merchandizing, photography,
the Apple Store App, and countless product launches and updates. This is a small sampling of the work that I’ve touched,
as part of a larger team, and some of the work that I’m most proud to have contributed.