Apple Retail Lifestyle Photography

The opening of new Apple Flagship Stores in 2015 created a need to update existing
lifestyle photography, showing Apple's new store design, reconsidered shopping experience,
minimalist architecture, and communal spaces.

Apple Store Union Square, San Francisco

Apple Store Union Square, San Francisco


We traveled to New York, China, Japan, Dubai, and South Korea with the
goal of creating culturally-relevant, realistic Apple Retail shopping imagery,
using real customers and real Specialists.


Previous v. Updated Image Libraries

Our previous imagery (LEFT) was stylistically and physically dated (products, store interiors, lighting, Specialist uniforms).
Our updated imagery (RIGHT) used natural light, muted tones, and classic clothing styles to stay relevant for 3-5 years.


Wardrobe Styling and Retouching


Example Imagery in Context

New Store Opening Email Template


The result was a library of 40,000+ images to be used throughout,
representing a variety of shopping experiences in Apple Retail Stores worldwide.


Role:  Photo Art Direction, Shot List, Casting, Wardrobe

Client & Company:  Apple

Year:  2017-2018

I joined the interactive retail team at Apple in 2014 and in that time have worked on an array of projects spanning
the Apple Online Store, the merge of both into one URL, in-store digital merchandizing, photography,
the Apple Store App, and countless product launches and updates. This is a small sampling of the work that I’ve touched,
as part of a larger team, and some of the work that I’m most proud to have contributed.