Apple Retail Digital Pricing

In-Store digital signage for Apple Watch, HomePod, and Accessory Pricing.

Apple Watch Demo

When Apple Watch Series 2 launched, we were tasked with the goal of creating an in-store, digital design system that
merchandized not only Apple Watch,  but also inspired customers to a browse an array of interchangeable bands.


Using iPads, we were able to update content globally and
seasonally, in Apple Retail Stores, as well as channel,
in 44 languages and 26 countries worldwide.


The system was designed to accommodate many languages, allowing room for copy
to expand and contract as needed for long translations and installment pricing.


Role:  Art Direction

Client & Company:  Apple

Year:  2016 - 2018

HomePod Demo

HomePod Demo was designed as an in-store tool for Apple Retail to encourage customers to engage with the HomePod.
Similar to Apple Watch, this device lived in Apple Retail Stores globally and was translated into multiple languages.


We animated simple Siri requests, combined with pricing and technical
specification information, to allow customers a fun and easy way to
start a conversation by talking to HomePod.


Role:  Art Direction

Client & Company:  Apple

Year:  2018

Accessories Pricing App

 In-store Accessories Pricing App  was designed as a cross-platform, global system, to display product, pricing, and an associated
"app experience" that would launch on the device, allowing users to test out the product beyond the Springboard.


This app was designed to live on a variety of screen sizes, from iPhone X to iPod Touch.
The design allowed an infinite numbers of products to be displayed,
as well as a unique "App Experience" chosen per location.


Role:  Art Direction

Client & Company:  Apple

Year:  2018

I joined the interactive retail team at Apple in 2014 and in that time have worked on an array of projects spanning
the Apple Online Store, the merge of both into one URL, in-store digital merchandizing, photography,
the Apple Store App, and countless product launches and updates. This is a small sampling of the work that I’ve touched,
as part of a larger team, and some of the work that I’m most proud to have contributed.